Post 2020, many more people than ever before find themselves working from home. Whether you are starting a new e-business, telecommuting or freelancing, you need your own space within which to create a home office. For many, however, the greatest challenge in working from home is finding the space to set up a home office. To help those who need to work from home but just can’t seem to find the room, we have put together 5 unique and practical small home office design ideas to help you.

1. The Closet Office

This is definitely one of our favorite small home office design ideas when it comes to thinking outside of the box. Simply empty out any built-in cupboard or closet in your home and use an empty lower shelf to act as your desk. If you don’t have a shelf, a floating shelf is a simple and inexpensive installation. If there are no shelves and space permits, you can place a small desk in the closet. These small home office design ideas work great in hall or linen closet. If the closet is deep enough, you can also install additional shelving along the back wall to act as office storage space.

Another reason this is one of our favorite small home office design ideas is the fact that the closet probably already has a light installed. This is an added bonus. Of course, not all small home office design ideas are perfect and this one does have a drawback. Since there probably isn’t an electrical socket nearby to power a computer, laptop, desk lamp and other electronic necessities, you may have to run an extension cord or better yer a power strip from a nearby power source. Alternatively, you can call and electrician to install an additional power outlet.

When you are ready to go to work, simply open the closet door. When you are done for the day, close the door and you are home.

2. Elevated Work Stations

Elevated work stations that allow you to stand or use high bar stools have become popular in offices all around the world. Of all of our small home office design ideas this one is very practical and uses minimal space. All you need is to firmly install a plank or board that is wide enough to hold a laptop, printer and any other equipment your home office needs along an open wall of your choice. Corners are a great option for an L-shaped work station and it is also advisable to set the office up near a power outlet.

You can also install shelving above or below the work station to act as office storage space. Now all you need is a comfy bar stool or high chair (preferably with a back and swivel option) and you are ready to start working with one of our most flexible and innovative small home office design ideas.

3. A Bay Window

A bay window is an attractive feature in any home but it can also makes the ideal space for a small home office. A board can be installed at the perfect desk height – sized to fit into the bay window area. Shelving or drawers can be placed beneath the desk for additional office storage space. The bay window will not only provide you with plenty of natural light but will also give you a great view of the outdoors whether you live in the city, the suburbs or the country.

Hang drapes above the bay window that you can close to hide your office space when it isn’t in use. If you are a little tool and installation challenged, you can always hire a handyman to ensure the perfect fit for your bay window office.

4. Fold It, Flip It Or Slide It

A folding table or a table that can be flipped up or down are ideal solutions for homes where space is limited. Sliding tables that fit under existing countertops can also act as a desk and a nifty home office space. Unfortunately, it does mean that you will have to set your home office up every time you want to work and pack it all away when you are done. It also means that you won’t have a permanent storage area for office supplies and other equipment. Perhaps not the most ideal of our small home office design ideas, but it will work in a pinch.

5. Put It On Wheels

The last of our small home office design ideas is to go mobile. A mobile home office is a great solution for small or cramped spaces. A desk and storage compartment can be placed out of the way in an unused space and simply wheeled out when you are ready to work. The bonus is that you can change your work environment as often as you like and wheel your work station into different rooms depending on where it is most convenient to work on specific days.

Balancing a work and home life becomes far more challenging when you work from home. Using practical small home office design ideas to maximize your space will give you the space you need to work while ensuring that your home is still a home.