11 Inspiring Small Home Office Decorating Ideas

Making room for a dedicated at-home workspace can be a challenge, but with just a few small home office decorating ideas you can carve out enough real estate to get the job done. Even in a smallest home or apartment, there’s often enough room to set up shop – if you get creative with your home office decorating ideas.

Be on the lookout for usable space in unexpected areas.

Most of us are so at home in our living quarters that we have a hard time imagining our rooms in any other arrangement. Work hard to discover alternative uses for space. Examine all areas of your home with fresh eyes and challenge yourself to find workable solutions:

  • That space underneath the stairs – could it function as a small studio office?
  • The messy coat closet – wouldn’t a sleek pullout desk and mounted shelves fit neatly inside?
  • Could a guestroom corner be converted to a triangular work area?
  • Check behind the sofa –adding a slim console table might make a great work surface…

Be inventive when considering your home office ideas. An unusual space sometimes makes the most stylish office.

Start your to-do list and assign yourself duties.

The best home office decorating ideas are practical, functional and well thought out. That means analyzing your daily work processes and designing your surroundings to make them faster and easier:

  • How many screens and devices do you need and how should they be arranged?
  • How many wires and cables are required and how will they be managed?
  • How much open surface area will you need for hands-on tasks like writing, researching and calculating?

Try to incorporate products that do double-duty into your small home office decor, especially if you need a multifunctional space. For example, sturdy shelving not only keeps books and supplies handy but also makes an impressive backdrop for Zoom meetings. A small stool or pouf can serve as a convenient side table or extra seating. Colorful storage boxes and baskets banish clutter while adding color and style.

With so many small home office products to choose from, you can solve virtually any problem in an attractive way. You might even want to start a decorating ideas file or folder for easy reference.

Create a distinctive work space.

Keeping your work life separate from your home life is easier if you mark your work area with clear boundaries. Here are a few key home office decorating ideas that are ideal for defining your office space, visually and/or physically:

  • Choose a different color palette than is used in your living area.
  • Use a colorful rug or other contrasting floor covering to mark your territory.
  • Add a partition wall or a hanging, rolling or sliding room divider to delineate space.
  • Set up a folding screen to create privacy and avoid distractions

Home office decorating ideas are changing with the times. The goal is no longer to create a “traditional” home office – it’s to put together your own personal business district where you’re always the boss. That’s why it pays to include today’s innovative work-from-home products and options into your small home office decorating ideas. It’s time to get to work!